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At Jan Janssens & Company we specialize in the supply and installation of raised access floors. (R.A.F). Our activity dates back to the late sixties and we represent Torloc, Tate, Gamma and Unistrut systems.

  1. Torlock
    TorlockTorlock is a screw down system and provides us with our main form of activity. This system is widely used to provide a trouble free, fully accessible R.A.F installation for general office application and is exclusive to Jan Janssens & Co.
    We selected this particular system in 1987, on the back of our experience with the traditional loose lay or gravity panel systems due to its superior unique design and performance features. Torloc was also the first system specifically designed with the screw down function to arrive in Ireland. Unlike later loose lay systems that were adapted/transformed with a screw down facility.

    The principle differences are:

    -Torlock panel is constructed with a unique crimped edge detail, designed to firmly connect the top and bottom galvanized steel plates. Thus encapsulating the core elements.
    -This combined with the corner screw fix through the floor panel into the adjustable steel-pedestal understructure results in the equopotential bond between all components, making the installed floor simple to earth. Leaving it safe and secure.
    -The system requires in general just one earth-clip per 500sq meters of floor field.
    -Additional benefits are as follows:
     - Crimped edge prevents delamination of the metal encapsulation.
     - Increased loading capacity as it forms a structural beam type element, with three layers of metal fused together (point load, center edge).
     - Reduced thickness/weight, 27mm instead of 32mm providing more space in services void below. - Panel precision.

    The system installed as a whole:

    - Eliminates problems such as:
     - No lateral movement, does not rely on perimeter support.
     - Allows contraction/expansion of raised floor without compromising performance.
     - Absolute grid precision.
     - Flat and level surface despite being installed on a highly imperfect concrete sub-floor.
    -pedestal Note: An important feature of the screw down facility is the action of the screws fixed into the pedestal head, forcing the pedestal into a plumb position square to the installed floor surface. Any discrepancy in the sub-floor surface will now be contained below the pedestal base plate instead of the top, where it would affect the surface of the installed floor panels. The adhesive used to fix the supporting pedestal to the sub-floor has a self-leveling action and will provide a level poa for the pedestal to stand on.
    - No lipping between individual floor panels.
    - No loose, knocking, floating or jammed panels.
    - Total interchangeability between panels.
    - No lateral instability or collapse when panels are taken out to access floor void.
    - Increased uniformly distributed load (U.D.L) due to fixed components.
    - Increased capability to handle rolling loads.
    - Protection of understructure during alterations in floor void.

  2. You will notice from our client base that the Torlock system has been well received by our client base to date, after installing over one million sq meters. We are not aware of any problems with any of our installations.

  3. Tate
    The Tate system more or less performs similarly to the Torlock system. The components are made of heavier gauge steel. The core is made of lightweight concrete infill. The system is used in special circumstances with exceptional loading requirements. The system is much heavier in weight and more expensive to install.
  4. Gamma
    We use the Gamma core panels for computer and equipment room installations, where screw down panels cannot be used.
    The Gamma floor panel is unique because of its extruded aluminium peripheral edge finish, which is grooved and hydraulically inserted into the panel edge. This makes it robust and prevents edge delamination. It can be produced with a variety of different anti-static and finishes.
  5. Unistrut
    Unistrut is a solid grid system constructed from unistrut channels and fittings. It has traditionally been used in power stations and the likes where there is a requirement for heavy loads, and where the void is packed with services and large power supply cabling.
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